Good for Society

Our movement of employers, organisations and people believe that a hard day's work deserves a fair day's pay.
Earning the real Living Wage means being able to earn a wage you can live on.

In 2001 families came together and started a campaign to be paid a real Living Wage. Since then hundreds of thousands of families have benefited and been able to earn a wage they can live on. But the job isn't done - 20.3% of all workers in the UK still don't earn a real Living Wage - this pages tells the stories of those who now earn it - it shows the difference a real Living Wage makes to people's lives. 

Do you know the difference it makes?

"Spending more quality time with our children"
"Saving a little for an emergency or rainy day"
"Not having to worry about affording the basics"

meet some living wage workers below

"Before being paid a Living Wage, life was difficult, financially for me. I am a single parent, and was working to try and have enough money to pay my bills, and provide for myself and my son. I had no social life, and constantly had to tell family and friends that I was unable to meet them for a meal, drinks."

Lynne's Story - Aviva Living Wage

Lynne, Cleaner, Norwich.

"Earning the Living Wage means I'm not so tired, I can give up some extra part time work and there's a little left at the end of the month"